Under the iconic British brand “Lotus”, we are a pioneering luxury battery electric vehicle (BEV) maker that designs, develops, and sells luxury lifestyle vehicles. With over seven decades of racing heritage and proven leadership in the automotive industry, the Lotus brand symbolizes the market-leading standards in performance, design and engineering. Fusing proprietary next generation technology built on world class research and development capabilities and an asset-light model, we are breaking new grounds in electrification, digitization and intelligence.

Eletre features numerous innovative technologies, including fully embedded L4 hardware capabilities enabled by the world’s first deployable LiDAR system and Lotus Tech’s self-developed software system. It is powered by Lotus Tech’s 800V high-voltage Electrical Performance Architecture, entailing super-charging capabilities, high energy conservation, and high-speed data transmission. Lotus Tech’s architecture also provides increased adaptability for varying battery sizes, motors, and component layouts across vehicle classes. 

Emeya is being developed based on the same advanced EPA architecture and adopting the same strong aerodynamics and intelligent driving system as Eletre. Powered by our high-power dual motor, Emeya can deliver an acceleration from zero to 100 km per hour in 2.8 seconds, making it one of the fastest electric GTs in the world. Equipped with our supercharging feature, Emeya can reach 150 km range with five minutes of charging time and boost up to 80% capacity within 18 minutes of charging time using a 350 kW direct current fast charger. In addition, Emeya has been meticulously designed with the latest sustainable materials to reduce the carbon footprint of its production. The Company plans to broaden its portfolio of luxury EVs featuring groundbreaking technologies over the next four years, beginning with the expected launches of a D-segment SUV.

Highlights of Lotus Tech:

  • Early mover in the modern sustainable luxury BEV market.
  • Iconic brand with racing heritage.
  • Proprietary next-generation technology built on world-class R&D capabilities.
  • Asset-light business model supported by Geely ecosystem.
  • Unrivalled focus on sustainability targeting fully-electric product portfolio.
  • Luxury retailing experience and digital-first, omni-channel sales model.
  • Global, experienced, and visionary leadership.